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Before being mentored by Ignite I was a student who was always in trouble because of my lack of focus in class and the fact that I had no control over my mouth. The things that I would say and the way I would answer teachers back would do me no justice at all. I got moved from one school at the end of year 8 and I was forced to start afresh with new teachers, new friends and a new building.

I was OK for just over 6 weeks but I felt lost and confused, then I got involved with negative friends that just took me back to square 1. September 2016 the beginning of year 9  I was introduced to Ignite by my inclusion teacher, I started a mentoring programme that was feeding me with positive things. I learnt how to control my mouth in the hardest moments when I want to lash out and get angry. I have understood that I must think about my actions before I take them.

Today I could say that I am a changed student … not perfect … but as I continue my mentoring with Ignite I look forward to the future and I know what I want to get out of school. I am more positive and I have been shown by Ignite another way to see things. I know that great things will happen if I stay positive and learning day by day.

- Junior