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Ignite Youth (formerly Ignite Trust) was founded by Revd Simon Jones and his team in 2001 to ’train the next generation’ so that disadvantaged and marginalised young people left school with qualifications and experience in leadership.

The charity was run by a team of unpaid volunteers for the first year, who worked tirelessly at developing this net of support in the local community of Harrow and Wealdstone in North West London.

The name "Ignite" came from the proverb that if a tree is set alight in a forest, it creates a chain reaction, and over the years Ignite has helped hundreds of young people achieve a change for the better in their lives, and many have gone on to inspire others to improve their lives too.  

Ignite is a progressive, community-based charity, whose roots are set in the Christian faith, which guides how we work and determines our values.

While we are faith based, we are not faith biased, and our work embraces the diverse and dynamic makeup of our communities.

Our Vision

A community where young people can turn adversity into advantage

Our Mission

To help young people advance in life, and strengthen our communities.

Our Values

We believe in prioritising the needs of young people through a holistic, consistent and flexible approach, to inspire personal growth and lifelong change.

We believe in Ignite communities as an alternative to exploitative and negative peer groups – where young people get together in a spirit of respect, fun, support and care.

We believe that an Ignite community is part of a chain that is building and strengthening the local community.

We approach our work with commitment, integrity and a passion that is motivated by our Christian faith, to maintain a robust organisation.

We believe in supporting young people, of all faiths and none.

We believe in working collaboratively to get the best possible outcomes.

We believe in pursuing learning and growth to ensure our long-term sustainability.

We Engage, Empower and Transform.