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Online Safety

Keeping young people safe online

We all know that gaming is a huge part of life for many young people, with the digital world offering lots of opportunities, however there are risks!  We have compiled some tips for keeping young people safe whilst online.

 Safety settings

All major providers such as Apple, Android and Microsoft allow parents to put safety controls into place.

  • Apple screen time - shows how long you have spent on a device, but also allows you to set screen time limits for apps. (Available in settings under ‘Screen time’
  • Google family link - allows you to view your child’s activity on their device and manage their apps, so you can see what they are downloading onto their device. (Available on the app stores)
  • Microsoft family safety - allows you to set screen time limits for apps and shows activity summary of the device. It enables you to set filters as to what your child can see on their device. (Available to Microsoft users)
  • ‘Internet Matters’ - is a safety app for both parents and children. It helps to learn about internet safety together in an engaging format.

Screen time

  • Set clear rules about how long your child can be online for
  • Create a phone free zone in your home
  • Use alarm clocks instead of phones
  • Focus on screen quality
  • Focus on positive media
  • Stress that technology is a tool for learning and for fun


Is it age appropriate?

Are the apps and games your children playing appropriate for their age?

Internet manners

Encourage your children to be polite and respectful online.

  • People cannot see you online, so they cannot read body language or see facial expressions. Do not overuse emojis and punctuation to show what you mean
  • Do not provoke people
  • Do not make fun of people on a chat
  • Do not start rumours or gossip
  • Include people in chats and online gaming
  • Respect the privacy of others


You cannot retrieve something once it has been put online, so it is important to think about what you are sharing.

  • It is important to remember that others share false information online, so only share with the people you know.
  • When sharing images with others in them, make sure that they are also happy with the image being shared
  • Is your child aware of what might happen with what they share online?
  • Could your child be breaking the law with what they share?
  • Could your child be putting themselves or others at risk with what they are sharing?

Useful Resources

Internet matters app helps parents and children learn together about internet safety

A selective list of age-appropriate games and apps:

Advice on what apps are appropriate for your child: